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Taqueria LaParrilla’s Jovita & Alonso… what inspirations!

“It’s really really hard to put in words how appreciative and thankful Alonso and I are — our journey with WoW! has been and continues to be positively life-changing! There aren’t enough words to describe how grateful I am to have joined WoW! I would have never believed the positive impact it would have in my lifestyle.


“At first, my obvious goal was to lose weight – I really wasn’t thinking of being ‘fit’ — yeah, yeah ‘healthy’ was somewhere there in the back of my mind – I just wanted to be thin - little did I realize how goooood it feels to not only be at a healthy weight, but have a healthy mind, acquire an active lifestyle and completely change my attitude and relationship with food and exercise. I’ve acquired a much more positive attitude at home and work—I notice that I let go of the little nuisances of life so much easier now.


“I am truly thankful for the wonderful comradeship with the WoW! girls – it’s hard to explain how important it’s been to me to have that source of encouragement, motivation and strength. Never would I have thought to participate in a 5k, ‘Fun Run’ or much less a ½ marathon without the support received at WoW! I continue to look forward to my Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning WoW! workouts, I’ll be there for the physical activity but most importantly for my mental and emotional energy dose!” – Jovita

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