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From Krystie R.

My success story is probably a little different from most.  I was never what most people called fat or over weight even. Actually, I was pretty skinny most of my life; however, as my mid-twenties approached I noticed those nice size fours started getting tight.  By age 30, I was pushing the limits on a size 10. After purchasing a size 12, I decided I needed to get serious about losing some weight.  Everyone kept telling me I looked fine and asked why would I want to go on a diet. My friends and family couldn’t see what I was hiding under my clothes - my gut was hanging over my pants!  It had to be that at 5″10, I hid it well. Somehow I now had a muffin top, saddle bags and cellulite.  So I tried different eating plans over the next couple of years and would lose and gain the same 10 pounds over and over.

Then I got an email about this crazy WoW! Boot camp coming to my neighborhood, so I forwarded it to one of my friends and asked her if she wanted to join with me.  She actually ended up joining  without me!  During her first month she kept saying, “It’s hard, but I really enjoy it .” So I decide to visit with her on “bring a friend to boot camp day”.  That day I literally thought I would die of a coronary.  Honestly, I didn’t know if I would keel over or vomit first, but I was sure that one of the two would happen.  Run up and down bleachers 4 times, you have to be kidding me! That’s like 260 steps! I am thinking how could my friend enjoy this, what was wrong with her? Did she enjoy torture??? So , I barely make it through day one, miraculously I did not vomit or keel over! My friend told me “you have to tell Katie you will be back to join or I have a feeling you’ll never come back!” (Actually she was right, I wouldn’t have.) So began my journey with WoW! Boot camp.  Well, I did come back and was the 2nd day any easier?  No, probably not.  If I remember right, I don’t even think my first month got any easier. Everyday I would be like “man, that was a rough one!” But I thought if this doesn’t get me in shape, then nothing I do ever will.  So, I kept coming back and believe it or not, it kind of started feeling good to push my body to its limits and being around other women who motivated me. Then comes assessment time.  I lost a couple of pounds and shed some inches.  So I thought …well maybe if I came back another month maybe I could loose another couple of pounds and a few more inches.

Well, here I am 6 months later. I am still not the fastest person, heck half the time I come in dead last.  But during this past 6 months, I have gone from 170 pounds to 153 pounds, lost 7 inches from my hips, 2 inches from my arms, 6 inches from my thighs and 5 inches from my waist! 20 total inches lost- Can a body wrap promise you that???  I also had to go and buy some new pants, those size 10′s and 12′s fall right off now.  Is it worth it? Every minute of it!!  I even have to say that I miss the days I am not at boot  camp and have even added in workouts on non boot camp days.  No matter what people told me before, I didn’t feel comfortable in my own body and boot camp has helped change that.  I still don’t care how fast I can run a mile, but I sure do like the muscles I see emerging underneath all the “chunk” that used to cover my body!  Gone are the days of wishing I could get that dream body and eating a bag of chips. I now reap the results of working hard to achieve the results I want, instead of sitting around wishing for them.  Is my body perfect, Nope, but  that’s OK with me now. WoW! has changed the way I think about food, the way I think about myself and I have so much more energy. Size 6 here I come!  

Thanks Kim for making me come back after that first day and thanks Katie for motivating me to still come 6 months later.  If not for your inspiration, I may still be sitting on the couch.

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