Our Team


“You all are doing great things for Athens.”

Dear April and Michael,

I just wanted to thank you all so much for sponsoring the YMCA group runs and for all the support in general. The only reason I was able to run the 13.1 miles is because of training with a positive group of people those Saturday ... more »

I Am No Longer a Manatee

I have been overweight all my life. I had never really tried any diets or anything until I was in my mid-20’s. I lost and gained the same 30-40 lbs. for quite a while until I had my son in 1998. Ironically, I was at my lowest ... more »

Happy & Beautiful Bride!


I had to show you these…. the following are some before and after pictures from my first, 7 consecutive months of boot camp.  WoW!  How amazing?!?!  I look at these and think, I can’t believe I used to look like this!?!?  I still have so far to go, but it’s amazing ... more »

Taqueria LaParrilla’s Jovita & Alonso… what inspirations!

“It’s really really hard to put in words how appreciative and thankful Alonso and I are — our journey with WoW! has been and continues to be positively life-changing! There aren’t enough words to describe how grateful I am to have joined WoW! I would have never believed the ... more »

"…motley and varied group."

I never would have entered or run in a 5K event without my fellow Work Out Warriors!  You should be proud of what you have helped all of us accomplish and the tremendous support group that has developed! Such a motley and varied group that has come together with the ... more »

Emily F.

I signed up for WoW! Boot Camp after I had seen the success a friend and colleague was having at WoW! Up until then, I lived in the past. I constantly wished I looked like I did 10 years ... more »

From Katie G.

201, really?  That was my first thought after that dreaded number popped up on the scale at my first pre-assessment for WoW! Boot Camp in late February.  It just couldn’t be right.  But I knew deep down that it was.  I ... more »

From Ashley S.

This Thursday will be my last day at boot camp. My husband and I are moving.  I just wanted to tell you that your WoW! Boot Camp has meant the world to me.  I have never been a runner…I never understood why someone would actually want to run for the ... more »

From Krystie R.

My success story is probably a little different from most.  I was never what most people called fat or over weight even. Actually, I was pretty skinny most of my life; however, as my mid-twenties approached I noticed those nice size fours started getting tight.  By age 30, I was ... more »

From Amy

Dear April,
So it’s been one week and I can’t believe how much I’ve gotten out of Boot Camp! Though I had about the slowest time on the mile today, the important thing is that I can run more than 20 feet without being winded! I took your advice from ... more »

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