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Meet our WoW! Coaches

We started WoW! Boot Camp because we believed, based on our life experiences, that people can make simple changes in their lifestyle that will help them live healthier and happier lives. We want to share our energy and passion to help you reach your nutritional and fitness goals.

All WoW! coaches have gone through an intensive in-house Outdoor Fitness Boot Camp Instructor Training Program. We are all certified by the American Red Cross in CPR and First Aid. We all follow a collaboratively developed injury prevention protocol developed with Horizon Physical Therapy. We have also consulted with top fitness professionals in the country. Your safety and health are of our utmost concern!

Just like each boot camp participant, we believe each coach has something unique to contribute to the group. We all come from various backgrounds. But, we each have one thing in common: a PASSION & DRIVE to help others live their best life! Through our OWN actions and achievements, we inspire others to achieve a WoW! FITNESS LIFESTYLE as well! (Does that open us up to having you look in our grocery carts or have you keep an eye on our guts or butts - You bet it does!) You’ll see us at triathlons, marathons, half marathons, 5k’s, tennis tournaments, school, church, synagogue, FCA, board meetings & community outreach programs. We walk the talk!

Some coaches were WoW! Boot Camp participants at one time and were inspired to pursue fitness certifications. They’ve been right where you are at some point! They know EXACTLY how you feel! They have their own life changing WoW! stories to share.

Other Coaches have been involved in the fitness industry for a decade and have advanced experience (and sometimes degrees) in Exercise Science, Nursing and Physical Therapy. We’re educators (with Teacher of the Year Awards!), outstanding mothers and fathers, professional athletes, former college track stars and we’re all very professional and focused on one thing… getting YOU motivated to be in the best shape of YOUR life!!

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