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April Williams

WoW! Boot Camp’s mission is to help you change behavior patterns and choose a healthier lifestyle.

We accomplish this by offering you an educational and motivational environment where you can learn to start exercising, eat right, and stay fit. Our unique programs will provide an energetic team atmosphere that will help you reach your fitness goals while boosting your self-confidence.

We believe the key to losing weight, increasing stamina, reducing stress, and living an overall healthier lifestyle is by making some simple changes in your life. These changes include setting reasonable goals for yourself, watching what you eat, and living a more active lifestyle. Most of all, we believe YOU CAN DO IT! 
Our philosophy is based on the core concept of energy balance – if you want to lose weight, the calories you consume cannot exceed the calories you burn through metabolism and activity. If you increase your daily energy expenditure by adding a fitness program, while eating a healthy diet and not overeating, you cannot help but lose weight and improve your health. 
Your Success lies in making changes to your lifestyle that you can live with for good. At WoW! Boot Camp we believe it isn’t about rapidly losing a few pounds then going back to your old ways and regaining the weight. Most other diets fail precisely because they only offer a temporary solution. We will help you accomplish your goals without the help of the latest fad diet.
WoW! Boot Camp
WoW! Boot Camp will:
  • Provide a health and fitness strategy that will motivate you to change your current health habits.
  • Create a simple plan that will allow you to participate in our unique educational and fitness programs.
  • Monitor your progress by giving you the opportunity to self-track your nutrition and fitness goals.
  • Make a positive change in your daily life that will build self-confidence.
  • Create an energetic and fun atmosphere.