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October 27, 2011

Sabotaging Thoughts

I noticed some interesting sabotaging thoughts creeping up when I traveled to St Louis this past Thursday for a funeral. These thoughts used to absolutely rule me! I would give in with little thought to my actions and it led to steady weight gain OR negating a hard earned calorie burn! Never mind the lethargic, irritable & disappointed feelings afterwards. NOT exactly a vibrant life!

So I got to thinking about you - wondered if you can you relate? Are you letting these thoughts (which many of us have) turn into mindless action set off by instant gratification without considering the consequences?

Below are just a few of the thoughts I had over the span of 2 days. It was surprising how they would randomly show up!:

1st thought:
Travel (Airport vendors. From Ben & Jerry’s to candy & snacks at the Newsstand) = eat some treats.

2nd thought:
I’m alone (No one to hold me accountable) = eat some treats in secret.

3rd thought:
Special occasion (Funeral & being out of town) = Indulge. Abandon healthy and go for totally yummy.

4th thought:
Special food (Fancy country club dining x 2) = Indulge. I HAVE to eat this! I’ll never get another chance.

5th thought:
I’m traveling & tired = Skip my workout. It’s inconvenient, so why bother?!

Even though I was going out of town for a funeral – a familiar “travel” feeling kicked in. It was mixed with a little stress (sad family members, time crunched schedule & busy weekend coming up for kids and WoW!) and a little excitement. In the past, it has been easy to associate travel with “treats” and a desire to abandon the “stricter” diet regimen. This was coupled with the feeling that I’m ALONE and no one will see me if I do eat treats! That’s because I was on a DIET! I took the approach that I was either ON or OFF.

What stopped me from giving into all these sabotaging thoughts? I have goals!:

  1. A burning desire to live a healthy lifestyle. What will my body do if I choose mostly “real” food?! Not just eat something because it fits into my calorie count or point system. Minimize packaged food!! I like living in a healthy VIBRANT & alert body! I like feeling confident!
  2. I will run a 3:42 marathon on March 3, 2012. This will qualify me for Boston!!
  3. I desire to feel great in my clothes – on or off! This is defined by anyone but me! I am honest with myself and strive to not be overly critical or justify slacking. I have found that the healthier I eat the healthier I feel! (and look)

So when temptation comes knocking, I remind myself of what’s really important to me & I basically ask myself if the craving or temptation moves me towards my goal or away from it!

It’s the burning desire for something that helps you dig deep when temptation comes knocking on your door. Ask yourself – what is it I REALLY want? Watch this [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ja9BFx5Mhqo] for a little inspiration. Now believe in yourself & YOUR ability to do the work to reach YOUR goal(s)!

I believe in YOU!

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