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May 11, 2010

Barberitos and WoW! Boot Camp Announce the Winner of the Rolling Lean Contest

After four weeks and many entries, Barberitos and WoW! Boot Camp selected Chris Conley, an Athens area resident, to win the “Rolling Lean” contest. Chris has recently lost over 100 pounds and plans to keep losing weight and take his fitness regimen to the next level with WoW! Boot Camp. As the winner, he will receive three months of WoW! Boot Camp membership, including pre and post assessment, nutritional coaching, 25 Gift Certificates for 7 Under 7 entrees at Barberitos, and a gift basket with all the gear he needs to begin WoW! Boot Camp on May 4th.

In August 2008, weighing over 300 pounds, Chris pledged to make a serious effort to get healthy in order to spend as many years as possible with his beloved wife and son. By August 26th 2011, which will mark his 45th birthday, he plans to reach his wellness goals and target weight. Since August of 2008, he has lost over 100 pounds and plans to continue his progress. Most recently, Chris set a new goal; to run a 5k within the next year. When he entered the “Rolling Lean” contest, he had been incorporating exercise into his routine for just three weeks and felt that, if he won, WoW! Boot Camp and Barberitos would certainly help him reach his newest goal.
“In some ways, I think this contest may have been specially designed for me”, remarked Chris of the Rolling Lean Contest. “I haven’t been able to find many ‘fast’ food options that I enjoy eating but which mesh with my goal range of 1,500-1,880 calories per day. Barberitos’ healthy salad is a big exception to that rule - I love it, and feel good about eating it”, and concerning his fitness goals, Chris said, “From what I have heard, even with my current state of ‘fitness’, WoW! Boot Camp is just the type of program I need to help me meet this next goal along my path to fitness”.

Barberitos is committed to providing fresh, healthy food to its customers and will never compromise this philosophy. Many customers choose to select items from the “7 Under 7 Menu”, which is comprised of seven meals under seven grams of fat. These menu items include the Mini Chicken Burrito, Bare Burrito, Regular Salad, Char-grilled Chicken Salad, Guacamole Salad, Soft Tacos, and Fish tacos which are available on Fridays.

April Williams, an Athens resident, began WoW! Boot Camp in order to encourage individuals to change their behavior patterns and choose a healthier lifestyle. WoW! Fitness programs provide an energetic team atmosphere that helps participants lose weight and gain strength, endurance, and self-confidence. “Helping people reach their fitness goals and feel great is what we do. We can’t wait to make Chris and official WoW! Boot Camper so that he can experience the joy of the WoW! lifestyle!” said April Williams.

Chris Conley begins the Men’s WoW! Boot Camp Class on Tuesday, May 4th. Pepe, the Barberitos mascot, will be there to present him with his gift certificates, warm up with him, and cheer him on as he begins his journey of “Rolling Lean”. Together, Barberitos and WoW! Boot Camp are thrilled to help Chris Conley reach his goals of losing weight and feeling healthy. For more info on WoW! Boot Camp contact www.wowbootcamp.net.

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