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September 17, 2010

At Your Own Pace

The Tortoise and the Hare
The Daily Om

People take life at different speeds and one way is not necessarily superior to another.

The classic tale of the tortoise and the hare reminds us that different people take life at different speeds and that one way is not necessarily superior to another. In fact, in the story it is the slower animal that ends up arriving at the destination first. In the same way, some of us seem to move very quickly through the issues and obstacles we all face in our lives. Others need long periods of time to process their feelings and move into new states of awareness. For those of us who perceive ourselves as moving quickly, it can be painful and exasperating to deal with someone else’s slower pace. Yet, just like the tortoise and the hare, we all arrive at the same destination, together, eventually.

People who take their time with things are probably in the minority in most of the world today. We live in a time when speed and productivity are valued above almost anything else. Therefore, people who flow at a slower pace are out of sync with the world and are often pestered and prodded to go faster and do more. This can be not only frustrating but also counterproductive because the stress of being pushed to move faster than one is able to move actually slows progress. On the other hand, if a person’s style is honored and supported, they will find their way in their own time and, just like the tortoise, they might just beat the speedier, more easily distracted person to the finish line.

It’s important to remember that we are not actually in a race to get somewhere ahead of someone else, and it is difficult to judge by appearances whether one person has made more progress than another. Whether you count yourself among the fast movers or as one of the slower folks, we can all benefit from respecting the pace that those around us choose for themselves. This way, we can keep our eyes on our own journey, knowing that we will all end up together in the end.

Take 6pm Bishop Park WoW! Boot Camper, Jennifer Givan’s story as a case in point.

Jennifer - 2 years ago

Jennifer - 2 years ago

She started out slow & we mean S.L.O.W!! Everybody worries they are the slowest – you can stop worrying. Karen and I agree that Jennifer will probably always hold that record. (There was definitely a lesson there for us tortoises!). Jennifer could barely make it around the “big loop”. EVERYTHING hurt her (especially her shins), but she was told to just show up and move to the best of her ability. And that she did - (usually) with a smile! One workout at a time. It seemed for every 10 pounds she lost she picked up a friend! She kept showing up even when it was cold and windy, or hot and sticky or her heart was breaking because her Dad received a scary diagnosis and her cat had to be put to sleep. She also hung in there when her weight loss hit a long lasting plateau & even when she gained back several pounds. AND she keeps coming after she attend her 25 yr class reunion and she was over the top with pride when “Everyone (and I mean EVERYONE)” kept talking about how great she looked.

Jennifer – in her “Goal Weight outfit”

Jennifer – in her “Goal Weight outfit”

You go girl!

Congrats to all the Tortoises and Hares for showing up day after day. It takes what it takes for our goals to be realized. Sometimes are patience is tested & we have to dig deep – especially if there’s a setback. Showing up isn’t always the “easy” choice & sometimes it’s really hard not to compare ourselves to others! But one thing is for certain though…if you give up – it won’t ever happen! So hang in there.

Trust that you will find your way in your own time if you: “NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!”. – Winston Churchill


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